Poem by:
Bridgette Hogan

Nobody but God

Nobody but God can release you
Increase you
Ease you
Of your mess
Relieve your stress
Just Press
Nobody but God could
Part the Red Sea just for me
Bind up enemy
Be genuine friend to me
From now to eternity
Nobody but God
Walk with me
Talk with me
Tell me I’m his own
Nobody But God
Fix the unfixable
Love the unlovable
Trouble waters just to bless
Make miracle from mess
Shoulder my burden to relieve
My stress
Nobody But God
Can put stars to sky
Bottle each and every tear I cry
Stretch arms
Open wide
Just so he can bleed and die
Nobody but God
Love unconditional
Uncommon and unconditional
Non traditional
Nobody But God
Save the low and wretched
Send the spirit your way
Just so you can catch it
Move stumbling blocks and stones
So you can journey on
Carry on
Push on
Be strong
Nobody But God!