My name is Linda M. Brown, was born in Tuskegee, Alabama and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. I currently reside in Birmingham, Alabama. I attended Robert E. Lee High School and furthered my education at Troy University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business Management. I have established a career with a prestigious Financial Institution where I am currently an Assistant Vice President. I am the youngest of four children, born to Rosetta and John Brown Sr. I welcomed a beautiful son into my life in 2013. I count my blessings every day for my son, Braxton Isaiah Brown, being a part of my life. Braxton is 6 years old, soon to be seven. I am a proud mother of a first grader at the age of 45. I accepted Christ in my life at the tender age of 8 years old. I couldn’t do this thing called Life without God at the center of it all. I love spending time with my son, family, and the simple things such as dinner and movies. I really enjoy going to church where I have a great church family and an awesome Pastor and First Lady, Pastor Terry and Jevonnah Ellison. God has been my strong rock throughout my journey of life and he is my “Everything.”

I endured several surgeries over the course of the years which prevented me from being able to bare children. This occurred at a fairly early age and it was devastating. As a result, I found myself not only unable to bare children but also in a state of menopause at the age of 35. I wondered what happened to my dream to be happily married with children.  I begin to ask God “Why”. I chose the route of waiting until marriage, finishing college, start a career in order to better provide for a family when that time comes and most importantly, I thought I would be rewarded for doing it the right way by waiting on God. Before performing the very last surgery, my doctor pleaded with me to have a child before it was too late. I opted to wait on God, I just didn’t want to have a child without being married. Once I had the final surgery, I told God that I trust his will for my life but he would have to help me to accept his will and become content in this situation. That prayer, was the hardest prayer I had ever prayed. I felt as if I was giving up my hopes, dreams, thought of motherhood, literally my heart’s desire. That is how I felt at that time but God knew my destiny. 

 The surgery that took place in 2009 resulted in my inability to bare children and a year later, another surgery in 2010, resulted in my going into menopause. I continued to trust and depend on God but I felt a void in my life continuously. That void could not be filled by a career, money, family, friends, significant other, or material things. I knew what it was but I never shared my inner most thoughts with anyone but God. I was always that strong one that gave everyone else advice but in some cases, I needed it myself. I still loved and depended on God because he is ONE that has never forsaken me so I trusted him wholeheartedly. Over the next few years, God had finally given me peace and contentment with my situation. Three years later, my great-nephew was born on September 11, 2012. My brother needed a little help financially and physically supporting the child and my niece.. The very first time I saw this little boy, I was automatically drawn to him. I started babysitting and actually taking my great-nephew back home to Birmingham with me for the weekend. I started contributing financially and building that relationship with my niece on how she can be a better mother because I wanted her to succeed in life. In spite of her misfortune of getting pregnant at the age of 17, she still can progress and make something out of her life and most of all, be a great mother. Over time, my niece was not adapting to motherhood and was expressing poor behavior as it relates to the child. It had gotten so bad until we feared for his well-being. I had a talk with my niece and my brother and I decided to take full responsibility for the child and took him home with me to remain for a little while until my niece could recover and possibly take on the responsibility of being a mother. My great-nephew was 10 months old at this time. Later, I realized that my niece was not ready for a child and would not be a good mother to the child so I discussed with my brother and niece the opportunity of taking on full custody of the child. My niece agreed but my brother did not. Later he felt that it was the best thing that could have happened to the child. I begin to raise the child as I was awarded full custody.

  Unfortunately, my niece never showed any attempts to be a viable presence in my great-nephew’s life. Five years later, no contact with either parent, no efforts of reconciliation or any efforts of being a part of the child’s life. My next step in the process would be a devastating one but it was necessary. My next step was petitioning for the removal of parental rights for both parents. I had to do what was best for the child at this point. The lifestyle my niece was leading was degrading to herself and her environment was not conducive to a child. Needless to say, the child did not know his mother or father. The child only knew me as his Mother. He is 4 years old at this point and had no clue as to who his biological parents were at this time. In spite of my niece lifestyle and previous behavior, my entire family turned their backs on me when I decided to remove parental rights. This trial and tribulation brought me to my knees. I told my Pastor that it was the hardest trial and tribulation that I had ever encountered. This situation alone, opened the avenues to allow the enemy to run rapid, cause sleepless nights, challenges of losing my joy and peace. But GOD, he was my strong tower through it all. There was great support from friends and loved ones that were near and dear to me. God strategically placed people in my path when I needed them the most. I am always the strong one, who wants to manage everything and be in control of my next moves. But God showed me that I can’t control all things, somethings, are only done in his infinite wisdom and power. 

I couldn’t understand the negativity that I endured from family, I felt that they should have known my heart. I had no malice or negative intent for anyone, I just wanted to protect the child and make sure that he has a great opportunity at life. My mother later understood and provide her full support during the process. Unfortunately, God is still working on the remainder of my family as I continue to pray for them. With the help of God, the rights of both parents were removed and I am in the midst of the Adoption process for the child. I’m sure you have gathered who this child is, yes, Braxton Isaiah Brown. My miracle from God, that is why God wanted me to trust him. He knew what was in my future. God has the last say, not the doctors. He may not have come in a way that I imagined, but God does everything his way.  My son, My gift, My miracle was worth the fight, the tears, the sleepless nights, the loss of loved ones and I will do it all over again just for HIM. God granted me exactly what I asked him for, he just packaged it differently than I imagined. Trust God, Trust the Process.  

Proverbs 3:5-6 – Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct they paths.

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             Linda M Brown
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