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             MY  TESTIMONY

Hello, my name is LaTonya Brown. I am from Jacksonville Florida. 
 I would like to take some time to share with you, that test "will come" 
but troubles don't last always.  I remember a saying "No Pain,  No Gain!" 
 In this christian walk and in every day life you will experience some pain
 in order to gain.

Allow  me to share with you how I know God will bring you out and give you "BEAUTY FOR ASHES, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.  I  happily married at the young age of  2o years old. Only to end up divorced after over 12 1/2 years of marriage.  I can recall  round about at the age of 21 years old I had a dream I died after giving birth to a child; as strange as this may seem. I actually saw myself resting in a casket, only to  find myself years later at death door fighting for my life from the result of an ectopic pregnancy and several pregnancies  thereafter to follow ranging from ectopics to miscarriages throughout my life thus far. Seven (7) being the total.

As I pressed on in life, I found myself  marrying for the second time, into a marriage of abuse. I was  told by my mate  at that time as often as he could  that  I was everything but a "child of God" ( for better words). I experienced being awaken from my sleep to being verbally abused leading to destroying of my clothing, our house hold items which led to physical assault. I can recall being so happy about becoming pregnant to only find out that we had an ectopic pregnancy which was life threatening. As the doctor discussed our options in an effort to  save my life;  he gave my husband and I an opportunity to discuss which method we would take. Soon after the doctor closed the door, there was a slap across my face from my husband, who at the same time was saying to me "YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO GIVE ME A BABY." I Remember being awaken from sleep to being assaulted/battered on  Valentines's Day at 12:01 a.m. ( I can still recall the time on the clock ) this incident resulted in my spouse's arrest for assault/ domestic violence.This abusive marriage ended in a divorce which left me to turn to and trust  "no one" but God's word, for his word declares that he would never leave nor forsake me. I know God to be Faithful.  God is my Prince of Peace...

I know what it is like to lose babies,  be happily  married and divorced. I have also had the experience while being on vacation from work, to receiving a  call from my job informing me my job is being outsourced and that  I was being laid off after 10 years of  service with the company. In  my travels I experienced  having  to seek safe shelter from my  abusive marriage,  sleeping on friends floors as my bed to avoid the attacks and harsh words. 

But through it all  I survived.  God has brought me out with a strong and mighty hand  and what he did for ME he will do for YOU.

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