My name is Debra Ann Brown Davis, the author of “My Daddy The Devil and Me,” a harrowing true story of how my biological father brainwashed me from a scripture from the Holy Bible (Genesis Chapter 19) and like so many other young people, I longed to know my absentee father. Although I had everything I needed, living in Freehold, NJ with my loving mother and step father, their love was just not enough. I was spoiled and determined to have my cake and eat it too. I didn’t know my determination would open doors that were meant to stay shut.

My biological father, like a knight in shining armor, arrived at my doorstep when I was 15 years old and swoop me off my feet. At that moment I thought I won the Prize, but really I was in for a big Surprise. From that day on my life was flipped upside down. I was introduced to a world I never knew existed-- A world of drugs, crime, deceit, incest, and imprisonment. How can someone you trust, adore and love brainwash you and turn you into something that you are not, something far bigger than you can handle as a young teenager. I thought I was Daddy’s little girl. Boy was I ever wrong.

How could his little girl become his lover, his prostitute, his slave, to be led on a life of vicious beatings, drug addiction as Daddy’s main girl in his violent life of crime? I (Daddy’s Little Girl) became all these things…

This is anything but an ordinary autobiography; or testimony, you tell me was I sane or insane for twenty one years, while Daddy, the Devil and Me was kept as a notoriously dark and dirty secret.
Thankfully, I had a praying family, because when I hit rock bottom, Jesus was right there to pick me up. He told me he had great plans for my life--Plans to prosper me and to bring me into an exuberant destiny. He gave me a second chance to live, but this time with His favor and for His glory.

Because of this mandate on my life, I am thoroughly committed to reaching those that are trapped in the world I once knew. I am unhesitant in exposing the tactics used by the devil to entrap people into committing shameful and harmful sins. My compassion also extends to the sick, homeless, imprisoned, and abused. As a volunteer and motivational speaker, I often infuse homes and institutions with the message of hope and restoration.

Today I am married to an understanding and supportive husband of over 12 years. I have two children and six grandchildren. I am very ambitious, driven and caring as an Entrepreneur CEO and founder of a small business which aids seniors and those with various disabilities. I love playing the keyboard, swimming, bowling, and reading. I continue my life’s mission to evangelize the world with the saving, healing, redeeming gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Debra Ann Brown- Davis